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We are supporting Friend, Inc. with donations of holiday food boxes. Click here for the list of items to donate. The deadline for Thanksgiving boxes is November 14, and the deadline for Christmas boxes is December 19.

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Hope Family Home

Hope Family Ministry was founded by Emmanuel (Emma) Kadinda Wapi. The program will build an orphanage for children forced to live on the streets of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. This place will be a home and family for children who have been living on the streets with no parents. While living in the Home of Hope, children will learn to live a successful life through good behavior and a positive work ethic.

In addition to providing a home and nutrition, the orphanage will offer programs to help the children develop into self-actualized adults.

A health program will cover the children’s physical health care and ensure they can receive treatment at any hospital, while a psychological program will teach the children to cope with psychological challenges both past and present. The education program will cover education costs, as well as additional tutoring and transportation. Lastly, there is a spiritual program, which will develop the spiritual well-being of the children. In addition to these programs, the children will also develop a work ethic and have opportunities for recreation.

Learn more and support the Hope Family Home here