Prayer With One Another, Part 2: James 5: 16-18

This Sunday, in our study in the book of James; we are still at chapter 5, verses 16-18, working on our 2nd part of this 2-part message.  In these verses, James speaks of what God has been doing all along, which some have forgot; that God still answers prayer.  Now, in part 2, he gives an example from the Old Testament of a very popular, famous prophet that was very effective in answered prayer.  Elijah, only mentioned in a few chapters in the O.T. was an iconic figure during James day.  But James reminds his readers that he was a regular person; like everyone, anyone else.  But he persevered in prayer; he was effective in the power of prayer, and God still answered Elijah’s prayer.  How is your faithful prayer?  What a great resource we have: prayer, accountability with, and for others.  But are we doing it?  As this passage 16-18 teaches, call others to come pray for you and with you.  Get an accountability partner, that you may be helped, “healed” (spiritually) (v.16).

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