Principles to Salvation & Sanctification, Part 1: James 4: 7-10

Our text is James 4:7-10.  This sermon and the next are talking about principles to, or toward, salvation and sanctification.  Here we have another of James tests, a spiritual test, which is a list he gives of sharp, terse commands.  Basically saying THIS: a person who truly comes to Christ will have these! 10 principles, 10 commands (imperatives) that any true believer will be doing OR any lost person will show in coming to Christ for Salvation. We will look at the first 3 in this sermon: 1. Submit to God; 2. Resist the Devil (how do we do that?); and 3. Draw near. The next 7, Lord willing, we will look at in part 2.

More sermon previews here.


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