Good and Bad Anger: James 1: 20, 21

Steps in Controlling Anger:

  1. It must be directed at a problem, not an individual.
  2. You must acknowledge your anger–especially in the area of resentment.
  3. You must control your thoughts–most anger begins in the mind.
  4. You must discern the cause of your anger.
  5. You must challenge possible irrational belief structures.
  6. You must not be bothered by everything.
  7. You must consider the goals you have for relationships.
  8. You must develop a peace of mind (contentedness.)
  9. You must ask God for help–read His word and obey.
  10. Separate yourself from the conflict for a time to cool down.
  11. Use energy to do something physical.
  12. Laughter is good medicine.
  13. Formulate a plan to solve the problem.
  14. Commit to the plan.


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